5 Best PS1 Emulator for Windows and macOS (2021)

PlayStation is everyone’s obsession no matter what version. Everyone loves to play PS games in their leisure time and enjoy. But what if you don’t have money to buy a PS console for yourself? What if you are not allowed to spend money on buying a console for yourself because your parents think it is lame? What to do if you don’t have a PS but you want to play PS games like your friends? 

The answer to all these questions is the “PlayStation emulator.” Haven’t heard of PlayStation 1 emulator? Don’t worry, we got you! There are so many people in the world which can’t afford PlayStation but want to play PS games. For all such enthusiastic gamers, developers introduced emulators so that they can play their favorite games on any device. We are here to educate our gamers about the best PS1 emulators available in the market that you can get your hands on. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look!

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What is a PS1 Emulator?

PS1 emulator is a software utility that stimulates the PlayStation environment on Pc so that gamers can play their favorite PlayStation games on PC. This software is specially designed for people who couldn’t afford a PlayStation console because of limited funds. 

PS1 Emulator Windows Mac

List of Best PS1 Emulator for PC (Windows/Mac)

The market is stuffed with so many options for PS1 emulators that you can opt for, but we have got a refined list of the best emulators available in the market. You don’t have to waste time searching for the best emulator. Choose the one from the list below and kick start your PlayStation gaming now! So, without any further ado, let’s get started!



A PS1 emulator Dust off your classic PlayStation 1 games with EPSXE which stands high in the list of the best PS1 emulators in the market. The reason behind its popularity is that it gives its users freedom of choosing between methods of GPU, sound, and CD-ROM emulation. This emulator gives incredible compatibility with many PS1 games. Your PlayStation BIOS must function to operate with this emulator. It is compatible with so many games and tons of plugins.


The only bad thing about this emulator is that it has a hard configuration and it gives a tough time to the users when it comes to configuration settings because you have to find the best plugins for setup. Overall, EPSXE shows excellent performance and satisfies its customers with excellence!

2. BizHawk


PS1 tool-assisted speed-running. Let’s move on to the next option we have named BizHawk. It is a ps1 emulator which is known for its frame-y-frame advancement, save states, luck manipulation, and input recording. It is a multipurpose PS1 emulator compatible with an extensive range of PS1 games. BizHawk has incredible TAS tools for different tasks like rewinds, save states, RAM watching, recording runs and inputs, and many more.


This PS1 emulator is the best option for newbie gamers because it doesn’t have any complicated configuration settings. The only bad thing about this emulator is that it is only available for Windows operating system. If you have a MacBook, this one is not for you!

3. PCSX Reloaded


No BIOS PSX emulation. PCSX Reloaded stands high on the list of the best PS1 emulators because it has a cluster of features to impress its users. This emulator is compatible with almost all PS1 games so that you don’t have to download any other emulator to quench your gaming thirst. Developers keep on updating this emulator from time to time to make required improvements in the application. With this emulator, you can run the entire PlayStation console on your personal computer. PCSX Reloaded uses high-level emulation to obstruct the need for PS BIOS files, but you will need it for accurate emulation. It provides sturdy support for plugins for software enhancement.


The only bad thing about this emulator is its complicated interface which is not for newbies or beginners!


High accuracy, no BIOS emulation. Another PS1 emulator available on the internet to transform your personal computers into a PS1 gaming console is XEBRA. It is a project of a Japanese developer who strived to achieve the most accurate and high-fidelity emulation for PlayStation classics. The best thing about this emulator is that it doesn’t need a BIOS file but it gives you an option to load PSX BIOS files if you want. It is compatible with an extensive range of games.


The only bad thing about this emulator is that it is available for windows only. Also, it is not the most user-friendly emulator that you will get online. If you are a newbie, you must opt for a user-friendly option because XEBRA has a complicated setup.

5. RetroArch

Retro Arch is a PS emulator for PC that is the best way to fake the PS environment on PC and play your favorite games. You can play all the classic PS1 games on this emulator at the next level! Its smooth user interface helps you enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your PC or laptop. There is no complicated configuration for this emulator, so it is the best option for newbie gamers. This emulator is the best one for classic gaming.

Download RetroArch

The configuration process of this emulator is a bit rigid and unvaried. So, some people may find it difficult to set up! Otherwise, this emulator stands high on the list of the best PS emulators for PC. Most importantly, this emulator is available for free on the internet. Download it now, and enjoy a smooth gaming experience!

Other Emulators

Mednafen Emulator

RPCS3 Emulator

Play Emulator

Snes9X Emulator


PCSX2 1.7.0 Latest

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Last words:

These are all the best options available for your PS1 gaming emulation. If you have been worrying about PS1 gaming, try these emulators and I can bet you will love them! Gone are the days when you had to spend dollars on buying expensive gaming consoles because you can now turn your personal computer into PS1 with emulators. what are you waiting for then? Download one of your favorite emulators and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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