iPadian Emulator Run iOS Apps on Windows PC (2021)

Do you own an iPad? A lot of people want these devices but they can’t afford them. Apple’s iOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, renowned for the fluidity of its functions and the many intuitive apps that work within its environment.

However, iOS can only work on Apple’s mobile devices. If you want to experiment with the operating system’s games and applications, you have to buy one of their expensive iPads. But what if you don’t have the money to buy an iPad?

If you have a PC, you have the option of using the iPadian emulator. While iPadian is famous in the emulator community, a lot of people do not understand what it is, and neither can they fully comprehend what it does. This is why they criticize it. They expect iPadian to offer the same benefits as an ordinary emulator when, in truth, iPadian is not an emulator. 

iPadian Emulator

What Is The iPadian Emulator?

You cannot install iOS on a PC. It is an Apple system. Therefore, you cannot run iOS apps and games on a PC. If you had an iOS emulator, it would create an environment on your PC that would enable you to successfully install iOS. Once the mobile operating system was installed, you could start installing and running iOS games and apps.

The iPadian emulator is not an iOS emulator. In fact, it isn’t an emulator. iPadian is a simulator. When you install it, the program cannot alter your PC. Instead, iPadian will open a separate window. That window will simulate the interface of an iOS device like an iPad. 

That is the major difference between iPadian and normal emulators. Rather than creating an environment on your computer where iOS apps can run, it replicates the look and feels of an iPad. 

How To use iPadian Emulator?

iPadian is an interesting program because it doesn’t provide the same functions as an emulator. Once you install it, it will show you the user interface you expect to see on an iPad. That interface includes pre-installed apps that the developers designed to work on a PC.

However, iPadian’s collection of apps is quite small. It doesn’t have an app store. You cannot access the Apple store. And even if you could, you cannot install new apps. You can only run the few apps present on iPadian when you download the simulator. 

If that wasn’t odd enough, the apps on iPadian are not reliable. Because they are basic recreations, their functions are limited. More importantly, they do not always work. This is where the complaints come from.

Many of the people that have downloaded iPadian in the past expected a proper emulator. It came as quite a shock to them when they realized that they couldn’t use iPadian to run or test iOS apps. 

The simulator is designed to appeal to individuals that want to know what it feels like to use iOS. It is not meant for consumers that want to install, test, and run iOS apps. 

Download iPadian

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System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10 and above.
  • The download file is 35 MB.
  • Free space requires 100MB.
  • At least 512 MB RAM but 1GB is recommended for running high-end apps.
  • Installation formate (.exe)

How To Install iPadian Simulator On Windows?

People who know that iPadian is a simulator rather than an emulator will appreciate the functions of the program. The installation process is not particularly complicated:

Step 1. Download

Look for a website that has a secure download. Many people trust the official iPadian website. Download the setup file. 

Step 2. Run

Find the setup file in your downloads folder and launch it. The installer will do the rest. Keep clicking ‘Next’ until you see the ‘Install Now’ button. At some point, the installer will ask you to select a location on your computer to save the simulator. 

Step 3. Installation

The actual installation may take a few minutes. The duration will vary depending on the computer. 

Step 4. Launch

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the simulator. As was noted above, it will open in a separate window. Once the simulator opens, it will show you the kind of interface you expect to see on an iOS device. 


The iPadian emulator is not an emulator. It is a simulator that mimics the iOS interface on a PC. You can only use the apps you find on the simulator. You cannot access the Apple Store and neither can you install new apps. 

If you know what to expect, iPadian won’t disappoint. Though, you have to identify a secure source from where you can download the setup file. The internet is filled with fake iPadian downloads that are designed to overwhelm your PC with viruses. 

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