10 Best Internet Browser for Windows XP/Vista Low-end PCs (2021)

Windows XP is technically gone. Microsoft ended its support for the operating system in 2014. But XP is far from dead. A small number of dedicated PC owners are still using the operating system. Anyone that is tempted to join the Windows XP bandwagon needs a browser that can compensate for the security risks associated with the operating system.

Admittedly, the best browsers cannot completely eliminate those security risks. It would be better if XP was still receiving security patches from Microsoft. But since that isn’t an option, a decent browser will bolster your security while you browse. Some of the most efficient options on the internet include:

List of Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Browser

No.BrowserInstaller SizeRelease Date
1.Opera Mini82.4MB24 January 2006
2.UC Browser41.7MBApril 2004
3K-Meleon26.6MBAugust 21, 2000
4.Baidu Spark46.5MBJuly 2011
5.Pale Moon38MBOctober 4, 2009
6.Epic Privacy61MBAugust 29, 2013
7.SeaMonkey42.2MBJanuary 30, 2006
8.Mozilla Firefox40MB23 September 2002
9.Midori37.2MB6 December 2007
10.Vivaldi38.9 ~ 44.8 MB27 January 2015

1. Opera

Opera 36 is a great browser for Windows XP because it is so lightweight. The browser is the perfect match for an older operating system because it consumes fewer resources than rivals like Chrome.

Additionally, it comes with ad-blockers that can counteract scripts that debilitate loading times. If that wasn’t enough, Opera features a free in-built VPN that PC owners can use to hide their traffic from nosy ISPs.


2. UC Browser

Many people may wonder why anyone would cite UC Browser as the best browser for Windows XP because they’ve never heard of it. But the fact that it isn’t as popular as browsers like Chrome doesn’t make it any less effective.

Yes, UC browser is typically associated with mobile devices. However, they have a PC version with security features that can identify and block online resources that may contain malware and viruses. Like Opera, this browser has an ad-blocker. 


3. K-Meleon

K-Meleon is even more obscure than UC Browser. It deserves more attention from the Windows XP community because it was specifically designed to work on older Windows operating systems. It has a flexible interface that users can customize to fit their preferences. 

The browser’s biggest advantage is its size. You need 256MB of RAM to run K-Meleon. It is as lightweight as they come, so much so that you can use it on Windows 95.


4. Baidu Spark

Baidu Spark took a lot of inspiration from the Chromium engine. That won’t come as a surprise for people that have used the browser. It has a lot in common with Google Chrome. Just look at their interfaces. They have so many similarities.

Unlike Chrome, which abandoned Windows XP in 2016, Baidu Spark has continued to provide support for the operating system.


5. Pale Moon

Pale Moon is an open-source browser. It is the perfect browser for Windows XP because it uses single-process architecture. In other words, it doesn’t consume as much RAM as modern browsers. You can run it on low-end computers without overwhelming them.

It needs 256MB of storage. It offers a variety of addons, plugins, and extensions. If you’re still not sold on Pale Moon, you should know that it supports over three dozen languages, including Finnish, Hungarian, and Greek. This has allowed the browser to attract a diverse audience. 


6. Epic Privacy

‘Epic Privacy’ doesn’t sound like the name of a browser for Windows XP. However, not only is Epic Privacy a real browser but it might be one of the most important on the market. As its name suggests, the browser goes to great lengths to protect its users from intrusion, which is why it is so efficient at blocking tracking scripts.

It prevents unauthorized parties from accessing your browsing data. That includes internet service providers and government bodies. Besides the free VPN, the browser has a tool that allows users to capture and download videos from video-sharing sites.


7. SeaMonkey

This open-source program has a little bit of everything, including a browser, email, IRC client, and an HTML editor. It also offers web development tools. You can see why it attracts advanced users. 

It looks old but it has all the modern features, including tabbed browsing and session restore. The smart location bar will quickly take you to websites you opened in the past. You can make adjustments to the security, toolbar, and language. Because it is an open-source program, SeaMonkey has an active community of developers that are always working to refine it. The browser supports Windows XP.


8. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was one of the biggest browsers in the world. It fell out of favor a few years ago. However, it still has a loyal following. Even though Firefox stopped supporting XP, you can trust the browser to run efficiently on the operating system.

It has a ridiculous number of add-ons. You can find an add-on for any feature or function you want. The browser is easy to customize and economical with regard to the way it consumes resources.


9. Midori

Midori is an open-source browser. It stands out because it promises lightning-fast browsing. Some people are convinced that it can compete favorably against Chrome in this area. It has a clean interface that doesn’t have the clutter you see in so many modern browsers. Users will appreciate the privacy and anonymity the browser’s tools provide, not to mention the plugin support. 


10. Vivaldi (web browser)

Vivaldi is fascinating because it works on newer and older machines. It comes with anti-tracking features that block cookies, Ad-Control functions that protect users from ad scripts (resulting in faster browsing), HTTPS redirect, and anti-fingerprinting, to mention but a few. 

If your machine cannot handle resource-intensive programs, you will loveVivaldi Browser because it conserves RAM. The in-built virus scanner will protect you from security threats. This is very important because XP doesn’t receive security patches. 


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Most people think that the only browsers in the world are Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. But the list above has shown you otherwise. Software developers are continuously innovating new browsers in response to the many security and privacy threats that have saturated the internet.

If you need a browser that can compensate for the absence of security patches where Windows XP is concerned, the options above won’t disappoint. The best browser for Windows XP will protect you from malware, viruses, incessant ads, and the prying eyes of internet service providers. 

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