InShot for PC Download Windows 7/8/10/11 (Full Version)

People capture footage with their phones all the time. But how do you turn that footage into the sort of high-quality video your followers on social media will appreciate? You need a video editor like InShot.

Inshot is simple, but it works. It comes with many functions, including the ability to zoom in, enlarge pictures, create a blurry effect, add filters, insert music, and more.

You can trim videos, cut entire sections, merge clips, change the speed, etc. InShot is far more complex than people realize, especially when you discover additional functions like adding voice-overs. 

How To Use InShot Video Editor On PC?

You don’t need anyone to convince you to download InShot. There is no better editor for applying photo and video filters, rotating images, and syncing text and emojis with video.

But how do you use the editor on a computer? InShot is only compatible with Android and iOS. If you want to use the program on a PC, you have to follow these steps:

1. Emulator

Start by downloading an emulator. An emulator is a program that allows users to download, install, and use Android and iOS apps on a PC or Mac. To use InShot on a PC, you must acquire an emulator for PC. 

You have numerous options, including BlueStacks and Nox Player. Find an emulator that fits your system.

2. Download

Once you download and install the emulator, you can download the InShot video editor. Get the editor from a trustworthy source that has never been criticized for spreading viruses and malware. 

Android Emulator InShot PC

With emulators like BlueStacks, you can access Google Play from your PC. In other words, rather than downloading InShot from a different source, you can acquire it directly from Google Play. This is the safest option.

3. Installation

Because the emulator is supposed to replicate the Android experience, you can install InShot on a PC the same way you would on a smartphone. That means clicking ‘Install’ to initiate the installation. 

InShot Installation

The computer will do the rest. Once the installation finishes, you can start using the editor on your PC. If you have a Mac, you can do the same thing. Find an emulator that works on Mac rather than Windows. Though, some emulators work on both. 

5 Best Emulators For Using Inshot Video Editor on PC

If you want to run InShot without any complications, you must use the most efficient emulators for PC on the market, including:

1. BlueStacks


This is everyone’s first choice. BlueStacks makes advancements every year, continually refining the quality of the application to produce an emulator unmatched by the competition. BlueStacks 5 has a new gaming engine that speaks volumes about its ability to run heavy android applications. 

The emulator’s performance is unrivaled thus far. It is six times more powerful than the average Android phone. However, it requires a lot of resources. You can use it for free.


2. LDPLayer


LDPlayer is optimized for gaming. But it has the resources to run a video editor like InShot flawlessly. As a bonus, if you have Android games you like, it will play them. 

LDPlayer is fast and lightweight, which is why some people choose the application over BlueStacks. It doesn’t consume as many resources.


3. Nox Player


Nox Player is an incredible emulator that many people favor over BlueStacks because it is optimized for gaming. Boasting controller compatibility and a user-friendly interface, you can root Nox Player quickly and easily. It is free and safe, complying with GDPR. The emulator has attracted users from more than 200 countries. 


4. Android Studio

Android Studio

This multi-functional emulator supports Windows and macOS. It has a decent interface. You can run multiple applications at the same time. Android Studio can’t compete with BlueStacks, but the open-source program is smaller and lighter. It can run editors like InShot without any hiccups. Though, the price of the premium version will scare some people away.


5. MEmu 


This is a fast, open-source emulator for Android that people use to play mobile games on Windows. It isn’t the best Android emulator on the market. But it performs well enough that it has attracted 20 million users thus far. MEmu has a drag-and-drop feature. 



Even though InShot is an Android and iOS app, you can run it on a PC if you have a suitable emulator like BlueStacks and Nox Player. 

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