How to Create & Collab Using KineMaster Pro?

This time with another tutorial using an Android phone.

You have come to the right website. I will show you how you can download this project to your device and use it right away. In the KineMaster app, create a new project in the 9:16 ratio. The first step is to upload all images to the Timeline. The first image is a regular black background, and the rest are the pictures that we took at the restaurant. Perfect! Now let’s upload the song to the Timeline. In this case, it will be ‘Elegance,’ that you can find in the Asset Store. The next step will be to connect all images with a seamless transition.

To do that

  • Tap on the Plus button between the images.
  • Go to the Corner Wipe transition group, select transition number one.
  • And finally, let’s reduce the time we want the transition to last to 0.7 seconds.
  • Let’s do the same for the rest, but picking a different transition from the same group.
  • Again, note that all of these transition groups are downloaded from the Asset Store in KineMaster.

Awesome! Now let’s adjust the length of each picture so it goes with a beat of the music. Each picture would last four beats. So let’s count one, two, three, four. And here. Let’s trim the image and do the same with the other ones. But I will add Bookmarks every time each image starts to make the next steps a little easier. To add the Bookmark, simply tap on the read timing Playhead, which will turn purple. To deactivate it, simply tap it again. Now let’s do the rest. Cool! Now it is time to add the Stickers.

At the start of the video, tap Layer, then Sticker. The first one to add will be the Mysterious Fog at the beginning of the video, to make it look like the steam that comes out of the food once it is warm and ready to eat. Let’s place it at the bottom and make it a little bigger. Let’s add another sticker inside Moviegoer. That will go out the center of the video to mention the type of food that will be presented. Perfect. Then I will tap the first Bookmark. Select the stickers and trim them so they end right when the first image starts. For all other images, I will add one Sticker inside Level Up.

That will serve as a label to present the name of the drink or dish. I will make sure to trim it as well. For the next image, I will add the same Sticker, but this time I will go to the Rotate / Mirroring option and select this button to mirror it so I can position the sticker on the other side.

Let’s finish up the rest, and don’t worry! Some of the stickers may seem to overlap, but I’ll fix it later on. Perfect. Now it is time to add the text, To add text, simply tap Layer, then Text. In this case, we will add Peruvian Cuisine. Then we will change it to the font Bangers Regular and change the color to black.

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Finally, trim it and place it at the top of the first sticker. Then I will add a title to introduce the viewers to what they are about to watch. Let’s experience some Peruvian cuisine. We’ll keep that in white color, but change the font to Loved By The King. Make sure to trim each of these text boxes as well. For the next images, I will add the name of the drink and the food on top of the label that we created. I will be keeping the same color and using the font Loved By The King again. As we do this, let’s explain a little bit about Peruvian cuisine. The drink here is Inca Cola, which has a sweet, fruity flavor, very similar to bubble gum.

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