3 Best Nintendo Switch Emulator for PC (2021)

We are all aware of the Nintendo Switch console for its portability that you can use to play games on the g when you are not able to get your PC or other consoles. It was designed by combining a home console and portable devices to make it a hybrid console. After the launch of this device, people welcomed it wholeheartedly and started using replacing their home consoles with these hybrid consoles. In this way, the Nintendo switch became an incredible gaming console.

The only issue that kept people from buying hybrid consoles like Nintendo Switch was the price. Some people didn’t have enough budget to buy the device so they couldn’t treat themselves to the Nintendo Switch gaming console. That’s when developers decide to surprise the gamers with excellent software that could provide the gamers with a Nintendo gaming environment.

After working on this project for a long time, developers came up with an idea of Nintendo switch emulators that could fake the Nintendo environment on different devices. In this article, we will be educating our audience about Nintendo switch emulators and the best available emulator in the market. If you are interested in knowing the details, stick to it till the end! So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

nintendo switch emulators

What is Nintendo Switch Emulator?

Cutting off all the clutter, the Nintendo switch emulator is a software utility that fakes the Nintendo switch gaming console environment on different devices. This emulator allows you to play all your favorite Nintendo Switch games even if you don’t have the switch. Nintendo switch emulators are a viable option for gaming systems in 2021.

The best thing about all the Nintendo switch emulators is that they are free of cost so you don’t even have to pay for a Nintendo console when you can fake it on your PC or laptop. It is the quickest and the smoothest way to enjoy all your favorite Nintendo Switch games on other devices. Gone are the days when you had to keep yourself from playing Nintendo switch games because you didn’t have funds so buy a switch for yourself. Now, Nintendo switch emulators will fill the void and help you play your favorite hybrid console games for free!

List of best Nintendo Switch Emulators for PC

The market is stuffed with so many options for Nintendo switch emulators, but how can one find the best one? Of course, you will need thorough market research to find the best emulators available in the market. It requires time and effort. To keep you safe from struggles, we are here with a list of the best Nintendo switch emulators for PC that will help you play your favorite hybrid console games on your computer. So, grab your coffee, sit back and learn about the best hybrid console gaming emulators for PC!

1. Yuzu Emulator

yuzu emulator

The first on the list we have Yuzu Emulator is probably the most popular emulator available in the market. This emulator is known for its incredible performance rate which leaves you stunned. This emulator is compatible with an extended list of Nintendo games. You can check the list so that you can find your favorite game to play with this emulator. One thing that you must be aware of is that if you are a newbie, you may have a hard time with this emulator, but you will get used to it soon. The best thing about this emulator is that both windows and Linux followers can use it for their console gaming environment.

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You will be surprised to hear that many developers used Yuzu Emulator as a base for their emulators. Yuzu Emulator allows you to play the game in 4k resolution so that you can enjoy the crispy graphics of each game. Games like Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: BOTW runs as smooth as water on this emulator. Yuzu Emulator is available for free and developers release consistent updates for bug fixes.

2. Ryujinx

The next one on the list we have Ryujinx which is the best option for beginners because it has a very user-friendly interface that keeps it easy to use. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems allowing everyone to play their favorite Nintendo switch games on their systems. It can easily run significant Nintendo games at a speed of 60 fps. If you provide it with the proper hardware.


Its inbuilt resolution scaling makes it wonderful and perfect for high-resolution games. It is easier to set up and operate. The only thing bad about this emulator is that it may lag in some titles and may work slower at the beginning. If you want an above-average emulator, you should try Ryujinx because it is one of the best options for you available in the market!

3. Cemu Emulator

Cemu Emulator

Cemu Emulator is not just a switch emulator, but it can also run GameCube and Wii U games perfectly. The thing that made it popular among different emulators is its great consistency to run Nintendo switch games. For better performance improvements and new feature launches, developers keep upgrading this emulator to provide its users with the best experience.

This emulator allows you to modify your games from the launch settings. It gives users an incredible hybrid gaming experience at 1080p/60fps. You can play with game mods, rendering quality, resolutions, anti-aliasing, shading, graphic packs, and many other features make it stand high on the list! 


 The only bad thing about this emulator is that it has a complicated setup and controlling configuration. So, if you are a beginner, this is not for you!

How to use emulators?

  • First of all, you need to download the Yuzu emulator from the official website. Before downloading the file, make sure that your computer has visual C++ because the emulator won’t work without it.
  • The next step is to download keys, configuration files, and mod files.
  • Now, launch the downloaded emulator and you will see the error “Derivation Components Missing.” Click on “Ok for Now” to continue.
  • Open the Yuzu folder and make a subfolder named “keys” to place “prod.keys” that you downloaded.
  • The next step is to unzip “load.zip” it will create a load folder that you have to shift to the yuzu folder.
  • Now follow Yuzu folder >> configuration folder >> custom. In the custom folder, paste the custom configuration zip file.
  • Now, restart the emulator.

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Your emulator is ready to play your favorite game on your PC! Load your game and enjoy it!

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