How to play PUBG mobile on PC Windows/macOS (2021)

PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) is a massively popular multiplayer shooting game that pits up to a hundred players against one another. Gamers must parachute into a location, collect weapons and armor, and then fight until one team or player remains. 

Released in 2017, you can find PUBG on all the major consoles, including Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia. In 2018, the developers released PUBG Mobile, a version of the game that people could play on Android iOS. This enhanced the popularity of the game because it became even easier to access. 

But an interesting trend has developed. Many people downloaded PUBG mobile because they liked the flexibility. They could play the game from any location so long as they had an Android or iOS device. However, after a while, some of those people decided that they wanted to play PUBG Mobile, not on a phone or tablet but on a PC. As a result, the demand for PUBG for PC has grown.

How To Play The PUBG Mobile Version On PC?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why anyone would play PUBG on a mobile device when they already have a PC version? Better yet, if those people want a version of PUBG for PC, why can’t they just download the version of PUBG for PC that already exists? 

Why are they so determined to play PUBG mobile on a computer? The mobile version of PUBG has several benefits that many people haven’t considered. For instance:

1). PUBG Mobile is a free game. You don’t have to pay to download it. This has made the game appealing for people that haven’t decided whether or not PUBG is worth their time. In other words, some gamers download PUBG Mobile because they want to sample it.

They don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on PUBG for PC until they know that they like the game. However, in many cases, once they become addicted to PUBG, they are not always willing to pay for the PC version, especially when they realize that they can still play the mobile version for free on a PC.

2). PUBG mobile offers a similar experience to the PC version. But because it was developed with mobile devices in mind, it doesn’t have the same hardware requirements. People with weaker computers will have an easier time playing PUBG Mobile on PC than they would the original PC version. 

3). Even though PUBG mobile is free, some people hate the idea of playing shooting games on a mobile device. They prefer the versatility that a keyboard and mouse offer. Additionally, with a PC, you don’t have to worry about your battery depleting. You can play the game for as long as you want. That isn’t even taking into account the attraction of a bigger screen that allows you to spot enemies with greater accuracy and clarity. 

The attraction of PUBG Mobile on PC is not that difficult to understand. And fortunately, playing PUBG mobile on PC isn’t that challenging. You just need an efficient emulator. Some of the best options on the market include:

  • BlueStacks – BlueStacks is the best Android emulator around. It works on Windows and Mac. Besides playing PUBG mobile, you can use the emulator to run other Android apps and games on your computer
  • MEmu – Compatible with windows devices, many people love MEmu because it can work on older machines and operating systems.
  • LD Player – Only compatible with Windows, this emulator offers Android shortcuts
  • Nox Player – Besides playing Android games on your PC, you can record videos and capture screenshots.
  • Droid 4X– The emulator lets you run PUBG Mobile on low-end PCs. Compitable with 2GB RAM computers.

What Is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Many people think that the best emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on a PC is BlueStacks. But they are wrong. That title goes to Gaming Buddy. The emulator attracts a lot of attention because it was developed by Tencent, one of the publishers behind PUBG. 

The company noticed that the demand for PUBG Mobile emulators was high. Rather than fighting the developers that had chosen to meet this demand, they decided to surrender to the trend by creating the best possible PUBG Mobile emulator for PC. 

Gaming Buddy uses the AOW engine to optimize the performance of PUBG Mobile on PC. Once installed, the emulator will detect the keyboard and mouse, allowing gamers to customize their controls. 

System Requirements

  • At least 2GB (RAM)
  • At least 2GB (Storage Space)
  • Windows 7 or Greater
  • AMD 1.8GHz or Intel Dual Core (CPU)

How To Install?

Step 1. Download the emulator. Look for a source you can trust. Many fake websites will trick you into downloading viruses disguised as the gaming buddy emulator. The file is just 8.7MB. So it won’t take long to download. 

Step 2. Once the download is complete, find the installer and run it. 

PUBG for PC Download

Step 3. The emulator will install. Wait for the installation to finish before you click ‘Start‘. This will download PUBG Mobile.

Step 4. Once the game downloads, you can start playing it. 

Download GameLoop

TIP: You don’t have to start from scratch. If you’ve been playing PUBG on a mobile device, you can import your stats by logging in. However, it is worth noting that you cannot play against other mobile gamers. The servers will pair you with people that are also playing PUBG on the emulator.

The keyboard and mouse controls are more accurate. They give PC gamers an unfair advantage over mobile gamers. Don’t expect the gaming buddy emulator to help you demolish mobile gamers. 

Download PUBG for PC using these emulators


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Tencent’s Gaming Buddy is a great emulator for PUBG fans. It has a simple interface. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. You can download and install the emulator by pressing a few buttons. 

It offers all the benefits you expect to find in an Android emulator, including the ability to record gameplay and full-screen mode. You can even activate Full HD mode if you want to enhance your gaming experience. 

The emulator’s language options include English and Chinese. It won’t take you long to customize your controls. While emulators like BlueStacks are more popular, you are better off using a PUBG emulator that was made by the same people that published the game. 

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