4 Best PS2 Emulator for Android/Windows (2021)

Are you a gamer looking for the best PS2 emulator for Android or Windows? If yes, then cheer up! We are here with a complete guide to the best PS2 emulators available in the market. If you just started your gaming career and don’t know what an emulator is and what it is used for, then this article is the best guide for you. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will be telling you the details of an emulator and also would list some best available emulators in the market. So, this guide is going to be our first-hand guide about emulators. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right into it and iron out the best emulators available in the market to upgrade your PS2 gaming experience!

What is PS2 Emulator?

We all have heard about PlayStation 2 which is a gaming console that allows you to play incredible games. The only ad thing about PlayStation 2 is that not everyone can afford it. But everyone loves playing games on it. Then how one can enjoy its favorite ps2games when he can’t afford to buy PlayStation 2 console? 

PS2 emulators are the software that solves the issue. PlayStation 2 emulators are the programs or applications that fake PS2 console environments on different devices like PC, laptops, or mobile. It helps the gamers to play their favorite PS2 games on different devices if they can’t afford to buy a PlayStation 2 for them. What can be better than getting a chance to enjoy your favorite ps2 games even when you don’t have an actual console!

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How to use an emulator on Android?

Step 1: First of all, you have to download the PS2 BIOS file you can find on many ROM websites. 

Step 2: Now, download your favorite PS2 emulator from the official website. 

Step 3: Now, you have to copy the download BIOS file to the “Data” folder of your PS2 emulator. 

Step 4: Next, you have to launch the emulator and look for the ISO file that has your game. 

Step 5: Click on the game and enjoy!

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List of Best PS2 Emulators for PC (Windows/macOS)

When you step into the market to search for the best emulator for PS2, you will get confused by seeing so many options available. You will have to put in enough effort and spend enough time to filter out the best ones from the available emulators. We navigated through their entire internet market to iron out the best PS2 emulators for android and PC so that you can enjoy your favorite games without any worries! The following is the list of the best emulators available in the market that you must give a try. So, if you are interested in knowing, let’s have a look!

1. RetroArch


Platform: Android, Windows, macOS, iPhone, Linux

Retro Arch is a PS2 emulator for PC that is the best way to fake the PS2 environment on PC and play your favorite games. You can play all the classic PS2 games on this emulator at the next level! Its smooth user interface helps you enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your PC or laptop. There is no complicated configuration for this emulator, so it is the best option for newbie gamers. This emulator is the best one for classic gaming. 

RetroArch Download

The configuration process of this emulator is a bit rigid and unvaried. So, some people may find it difficult to set up! Otherwise, this emulator stands high on the list of the best PS2 emulators for PC. Most importantly, this emulator is available for free on the internet. Download it now, and enjoy a smooth gaming experience!



Platform: Android

PTWOE is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android mobiles that were available on the play store officially, but now you will have to download it from their official website. PTWOE is available in two versions and both versions have a different interface and user experience. Both versions differ in speed, stability, performance, and bugs. Without using both, you can’t say which one is the best for your Android mobile.

Download PTWOE

If we talk about the overall performance of this emulator, PTWOE has so many satisfied users which means that this emulator can give other emulators a tough time. No matter which PS2 game you want to play, PTWOE will help you enjoy that game on your mobile phone even if you don’t have a PS2. One minus point of this emulator is that it doesn’t work without a BIOS file. You must download the BIOS file on your PC to make this application work properly.

3. PCSX-Reloaded


Platform: Windows

Moving on to the next PS2 emulator for PC we have PCSX Promoter on the list which is known for its lightweight application. Being a lightweight application, it stands compatible with all classic console games. It also supports any compatible PCP so that you can have the best gaming experience without any issues. The best thing about this application is that it has a fast configuration so that you don’t feel frustrated during the configuration process. It makes this emulator the best option for the newbie gamers who just started their emulator experience with PCSX Promoter. It also supports a gamepad which makes it easier for users to play any kind of game.


One bad thing about this emulator is that it’s BIOS emulation is not complete. Some users also faced missing features in similar programs. If you can ignore these factors, this emulator works wonders for ps2 emulation on your Pc!

4. PRO PlayStation

Pro PlayStation Emulator

Platform: Android

The next PS2 emulator for Android on the list is PRO PlayStation which is best known for its authentic gameplay. The best thing about this emulator is that its user interface is quite clean, easy-to-understand, and self-explanatory that everyone can operate with this emulator. It is specially made for new gamers who can’t handle the difficult settings of emulators. It features on-screen controllers, save states, good GPU rendering, maps, and compatibility to a lot of ROMs make it the best option for PS2 emulators for Android phones.

It also provides hardware support to make your gaming more fun and easier. Optimized rendering functionalities ensure smooth performance. If you are looking for the best emulator for Android, don’t miss a chance to get your hands on PRO PlayStation!

Other Best Emulators

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Choose the one that you like the most from the list and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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